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Wildlife - Trivial Pursuit-Poptastic Weston Super mare

Wildlife - Trivial Pursuit

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WildlifeTrivial Pursuit

Are you creature crazy? Are you bonkers about birds? Well, now it's your chance to show how much you know with World of Wildlife Trivial Pursuit Bite Size! 600 questions on animals, insects, reptiles and more with enough questions to baffle a boffin but plenty that all the family can answer!

• Features some of your favourite animals. With 600 questions to answer on birds, reptiles, mammals and many more creatures.
• Quick-play quiz with 600 questions.
• Fascinating, puzzling and captivating questions.
• Bite-size game comes with coloured dice, cards and easy-to-carry wedge case.

• 1 x Wedge holder.
• 1 x Rules card.
• 1 x Dice.
• 100 x Question cards.fin, but plenty that all the family can find the answer to, it's a Bite Size slice of the classic trivia game that you can take with you on any adventure, in the special travel wedge.